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TEENtober At The Library

It’s not only October – It’s actually TEENtober at the library!

📣ATTN: TEENS & TWEENS – TeenTober is a nationwide celebration hosted by libraries every October that aims to celebrate teens by helping them acquire and hone new skills to fuel their passions inside and outside the library.

Celebrate with us during two upcoming virtual sessions to create a ‘story trailer’. First session is Saturday October 10 from 1:30-3:00 PM. Ages 11+.
In our first session we’ll begin by enlisting our FIVE SENSES and commit to creating a part of a ‘story trailer’ for the crazy I SPY-inspired short story ‘A Speedy Spider Rider, Off The Hook’, previously authored by local teens.

After the first session generic CREATOR KITS will be available for pickup at the library to make sure everyone has the supplies, materials, and snacks to do their ‘homework’ for the second session. Custom requests for supplies will also be accepted from kids.

(No worries if you can’t attend the first session – just let library Margaret know you’re interested and we’ll make sure you get a kit – call 320-974-3363.)

We’ll work to polish the final production together during our second session on Halloween, Saturday October 31, 1:30-3:00 PM.

See the link below for examples of book trailers
Our project is less ambitious but it’s bound to be fun(ny). 


Connect to both sessions with the below link. No registration required.

IMPORTANT: Call Margaret for the password!

TEENtober link for Saturday Oct 10 (corrected) & 31, 1:30 PM:

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