Giving Tuesday Now with Harvest Bank

Next Tuesday, May 5, is “Giving Tuesday Now,” a Covid-focused international day of charitable giving. 

Harvest Bank is participating via our charitable platform, harvestbankmn.com/give (click on “Giving Tuesday Now” near the top), for several area charities.  Harvest Bank will match 50% of anyone’s donation to the featured charities (subject to per-donation and overall total match limits).

The organizations included for the match:

Atwater Area Help for Seniors

Kimball Area Food Shelf

Quiet Oaks Hospice Care (St Augusta)

Centra Care Health Foundation (serving all of area Centra Care Covid PPE etc needs)

Family Promise (pending)

Kandiyohi Co. Food Shelf

Grove City are CARE (pending)

Living At Home Network (serves elderly home care needs across the state)

This is a trustworthy, convenient, and much more economical way to give than many alternatives (4% cheaper on processing fees than GiveMN!).


2 comments on “Giving Tuesday Now with Harvest Bank

  1. The link to the Jim Richards talk seems like a hustle to me. I listened to 10 minutes of it but the guy, an interesting speaker, was repeating himself while thumping his chest non stop. While he painted a picture of what could happen it assumes there would be no response by government, business or private citizens. And while he accuses the media of hype and fear mongering it appears that is exactly what he is doing. I did not listen to the end but I’m guessing he’s selling something: a book, consultation or political affiliation. BEEARE. Why does the Atwater Stream facilitate this sort of sly hucksterism?

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