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Atwater Area Historical Society To Move Into Thompson Bakery

It’s official! The Atwater Area Historical Society is moving into the Thompson Bakery building across from Atwater Ford. It won’t happen all at once, as we still have some renovations to complete, but we’re excited about the possibilities.

If you’ve been in the current museum you know that our space is extremely limited due to the numerous items that have been donated over the years. This new space will enable us to house our full collection under one roof and allow for expanded gallery space in order to showcase more of the wonderful artifacts we have and allow for more rotating exhibits. None of this would have been possible without the wonderful support of the community at large.

Of course this does come at a cost, and that’s where we are asking for even more support. We already have a great start on our fundraising for the Building Project but we’re not finished yet. The total cost for the entire project is an estimated $80,000, of which we have already raised $30,000. Any amount you donate would be greatly appreciated and would ensure the continued success of the Atwater Area Historical Society.

Stop by the museum building across from the Post Office to see how things are progressing and, once the drawings are completed, check out what the new building will look like once it’s finished.

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