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Computer Scam

IMPORTANT PSA: Pop up scams
If you get a pop up(or screen) saying your computer is infected/at risk/needs updates/The FBI is fining you/The IRS has a bill for you/*other* and tells you to call a number. These can appear to be from Microsoft/Apple/*Any Antivirus Company*/*Others*

Your best bet is to restart your computer. Hold the power button down for 15+ seconds until the computer shuts down. 
If it keeps popping up, clear the cache for your browser. If your browser tells you you closed down improperly and asks if you want to reopen tabs, select No/Cancel 
Anti-virus programs will generally not catch these things.
1. Do not call numbers on anything that pops up on your computer. Just Shutdown your computer and restart. 
2. Microsoft/Apple/Others Will not call you to tell you your computer is infected/spamming others/etc.. Hang up or waste their time, DO NOT give them access to your computer.
3. The FBI will not send you a fine over the computer or call you.
4. The IRS will never call you or ask for money via an email or web popup.
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