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Letter To Atwater Area Historical Society

The Atwater Area Historical Society would like to share a letter they have received from Bodil Stefansson who came to the Museum in Atwater while doing research for her book.

“Now it is many years since we met at the Atwater Historical Museum, one of the highlights of the trip Ingvar and I made to Minnesota.

The exposition on Peter O. Hall was both touching and inspiring.

Since then I have tried to learn more to understand what he experienced and endured during his 3 years in the Civil War.

To me he is the perfect symbol of the Swedish soldier in the [American Civil War].

As you might know I have since nine years been working on a book about Anders Peter Glader, his relatives and other related persons from the 1690’s to 1866.

One chapter is about Peter’s forefathers, the family in Sweden, the migration, the first years in Minnesota and Hall´s participation in the First Bull Run.

I have spent much time doing research and I hope to have the book published this fall.

Another chapter will deal with Peter Hall in the rest of the war and include his brothers in law; the veterans Carl and Gustav Glader, C.P. Quist of Harrison Church.

Now I am writing the Atwater Museum to ask for permission to use the photographs  I took of Peter Hall, his canteen and his cap. Being able to illustrate the chapters will make the book much better. Of course I will write “Courtesy of the Atwater Historical Museum”.

My book probably will be titled “En man som hetade Glader”, which is old Smalandic dialect for “A man named Glader”. It will be in Swedish and have about 450 pages. If the Museum is interested I can send a copy and I also can interpret the part on Halls forefathers into English.

My future plans are to let this book have a follower up, which might get the title “Go West”, telling about how many of the former soldiers and several other settlers from Chisago left to create a life in the western part of Minnesota, in South Dakota, Oregon and the State of Washington. Here of course Atwater will play an important role.

I am looking forward to a good collaboration with the Atwater Historical Museum and hope to hear from you again.”

One comment on “Letter To Atwater Area Historical Society

  1. Thanks for sharing this letter. The work of many and the artifacts of the Atwater Historical Society are recognized and valued.

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