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Section 3A High Kick Dance Competition 2/6/16

SECTION 3A High Kick Dance Team
2/6/16 @ Montevideo
Top 4 places advance to the State Tournament.

1st place: Montevideo, 4 ranking points
2nd place: LQPV-DB, 9 ranking points
3rd place: BOLD, 11 ranking points
4th place: YME, 14 ranking points
5th place: Canby-Minneota, 21 ranking points
6th place: New Ulm Cathedral, 23 ranking points
7th place: Renville County West, 28 ranking points
8th place: ACGC, 29 ranking points
9th place: Lakeview, 38 ranking points
10th place: Worthington, 40.5 ranking points
11th place: New London-Spicer, 41.5 ranking points
12th place: MACCRAY, 47.5 ranking points
13th place: Tracy-Milroy-Balaton, 50.5 ranking points
14th place: Gibbon-Fairfax-Winthrop, 51 ranking points
15th place: Sleepy Eye, 60 ranking points

One comment on “Section 3A High Kick Dance Competition 2/6/16

  1. Congratulations to all who have encouraged and trained this fine team. Well done!

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