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13th Annual Food For Kids Packaging

The 13th annual Food For Kidz packaging event is coming to the Atwater Community Center Wednesday afternoon, September 23 from 4 to 8 p.m.  Last year 60,580 dehydrated meals were measured, sealed and packed in boxes to send off to hungry children in areas of need.  Most of last year’s meals went to either Nepal where life had been disrupted by a major earthquake or Afghanistan which continues to experience  political strife.  These situations put thousands of children at risk of starvation or disease.  Food For Kidz has built a network of agencies that get this food transported and delivered to children in need.

     Locally, two things are needed to make an event like this a success.  First, the ingredients to fill the bags done last year cost $9,100, so a lot of generous people and businesses in our area communities picked up their checkbooks and made donations that covered the cost of those meals.  Your local organizing committee is grateful for this tremendous support and hopes that it may be sustained again this year.

     Secondly, 250 to 300 volunteers are needed the night of the event to keep everything flowing once the packaging begins.  Generally the evening splits into two shifts of 4-6 and 6-8 p.m., but some people choose to help the entire time, others can only there be there for an hour or so.  Either one or other variations are fine.  It is a fast-paced and fun evening.   If you would like to volunteer for a specific assignment, please call 974-8525 to make arrangements.  It’s just a little over a week away- let’s make it another successful event!

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