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Pedal Pull Results 2015

Atwater Festival Days Pedal Tractor Pull

The annual Atwater Festiavl Days Pedal Tractor Pull was held in Atwater

on Friday, June 19 after the Kiddy Parade at 7:00.

There was a great turn-out of 111 children who pedaled with all their might!

The results listed below are for the third, second and first place winners

in each age bracket from 4 years old to 11 years old. These winners will go on to a regional contest.

4 years old:

  1.   Ben Barka, Litchfield
  2.   Levi Anderson, Grove City
  3.   Jayden Johnson, Grove City

5 year olds:

  1.   Kelsie Blom, Atwater
  2.   Kenlie Blom, Atwater
  3.   Chris Barka, Litchfield

6 years old:

  1.   Joel Barka, Litchfield
  2.   Brooke Johnson, Grove City
  3.   Jonathan Shelrud, Atwater

7 years old:

  1.   Lilly Boonstra, Grove City
  2.   Sophie Kojetin, Willmar
  3.   Blake Visser, Willmar

8 years old:

  1.   Tucker Johnson, Grove City
  2.   Elizabeth Dieken. Clara City
  3.    Eli Peterson, Atwater

9 years old:

  1.   Jolie Uecker, Annandale
  2.   Haeden Hiltner, Eden Valley
  3.   Isaiah Renne, Atwater

10 years old:

  1.   Kylie Blom, Atwater
  2.   Holden Behrends, Atwater
  3.   Terell Renne, Atwater

11 years old:

  1.   Sherlee Mithun, Clara City
  2.   Trent Hoepner, Atwater
  3.   Ryan Busskohl, Atwater

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