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Additions Made to Historical Society Museum

The Atwater Area Historical Society is proud to announce that we have added 4 new books to our reference collection at the museum. If you’re interested in the American Civil War or the Dakota War of 1862 we invite you to come down to the museum to read up on these two eras in Minnesota history. While you’re there, take a look at some of the other great items we have. The museum is open Tuesday 1-5 PM and Saturday 12-4 PM.

“The Last Full Measure” by Richard Moe: An in-depth account of the First Minnesota Volunteers during the Civil War. The account follows the regiment from it’s beginnings in 1861 until it’s mustering out in 1864.

“Pale Horse at Plum Run” by Brian Leehan: This is the story of the First Minnesota Regiment at Gettysburg. The regiment is widely credited with saving the battle for the Union on July 2 when they stopped a huge Confederate assault, sustaining a 70 percent casualty rate.

“Little Crow” by Gary Clayton Anderson: A comprehensive biography of Little Crow, the main Dakota leader during the U.S – Dakota War of 1862.

“The Dakota War of 1862” by Kenneth Carley: A history of the bloody 38 day war between the people of Minnesota and the Dakota Native American tribe. By the end of the conflict thousands of people on both sides were dead and the Dakota had been all but driven from the state. Many of the events that took place during the war happened right around Atwater, including the killing of five settlers near Acton.

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