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Updates On Voting Resources

Election Day is nearly one month away — here are a few important updates about resources from the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State that we hope you will find helpful.

New Design and Functionality at mnvotes.org for Mobile Phones and Tablets
The online voter resource, mnvotes.org, has a new look and functionality to allow voters to better access and interact with voter tools and information on their computers, tablets and mobile phones.

The enhanced functionality provides voters with an easier way to connect and engage with our voter resources and information. The responsive design features clean, bold links to direct users to the suite of tools, including voter registration and absentee ballot request. The site also provides comprehensive voter information to educate voters about the elections process.

Counties do not need to update links to our site—the existing links will automatically redirect to the new site. The My Ballot and Polling Place Finder tools remain available on our main website and will soon be incorporated in the new design. Content for Election Results, Candidates and Election Administration still resides at our main site.

Counties are encouraged to feature links to mnvotes.org on their websites, and promote in  e-communications and on social media platforms.

Promote New Videos to Educate Voters
We also encourage counties to link to our new, animated videos that educate voters about the voting process and voting absentee. Also consider promoting the videos on websites, e-communications and on social media platforms:

This video is also available in Hmong, Somali and Spanish.

Find more promotional resources online on our Promote the Vote webpage.

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