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Festival Days Pedal Pull Results

Atwater Elevator Inc would like to thank everyone who participated and watched the Kids Pedal Pull this year. We had a great turnout of 104 kids that pulled this year. And just in case you didn’t get to see it, here are the top 3 in each age group:

4 year olds

1. Kelsie Blom of Atwater
2. Darin Hagen of Sunburg
3. Kenlie Blom of Atwater

5 year olds

1. Brooke Johnson of Grove City
2. Rylan Summerlet of Atwater
3. Cole Malvin of Atwater

6 year olds

1. Hayley Johnson of Grove City
2. Blake Visser of Willmar
3. Jack Shoutz of Forest City

7 years olds

1. Tucker Johnson of Grove City
2. Riley Johnson of Atwater
3. Ely Peterson of Atwater

8 year olds

1. Jolie Uecker of Annandale
2. Erin Uecker of Annandale
3. Holden Hiltner of Eden Valley

9 year olds

1. Abby Shoutz of Litchfield
2. Holden Behrends of Atwater
3. Hunter Amundson of New London

10 year olds

1. Travis Lawver of Kandiyohi
2. Landon Blom of Atwater
3. Ryan Busskhol of Atwater

11 year olds

1. Brady Schultz of Atwater
2. Kaitlyn Lee of Fairfax
3. Jaden Riller of Atwater

One comment on “Festival Days Pedal Pull Results

  1. Thanks for that information, Jessica.   Congratulations to the leaders in each category and all who participated.  It is exciting to see our community’s children staying strong in body and mind by participating in summer rec, playing outdoors, biking and using our great local library.   The American Academy of Pediatrics is strongly recommending daily reading to children beginning in infancy to give them the best opportunity for future learning.  Kathy Johnson

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