Atwater Nutrition Site Usage

The Atwater Nutrition Site is underused. Currently 2 to 4 people eat at the facility each day. Programs with 13 daily users have been closed so we have been most fortunate to be able to offer this service in Atwater. Use needs to increase or we may lose this valuable service in our town. Consider ordering a meal once or twice a week (or daily!) from the Nutrition Site. If you are able, you can eat on site and enjoy the company of friends and neighbors or have the meal delivered to your door. Call 320-262-1180 by 12:30 pm the day before to reserve or to cancel a meal.
– Information provided by Karen Fischer

2 comments on “Atwater Nutrition Site Usage

  1. Such a fine program surely needs to be continued. Have you considered posting your menu on the Stream? It might help raise awareness especially for those of us who have previously only delivered meals but haven’t ever ordered one.

  2. Good point regarding menu information, Kathy. We’re also trying to post it weekly on our facebook page. Applications for Senior Nutrition are available at our LAHBNP office in the Wellness Center (974-8737). Tickets are available from our office and from the Atwater City Clerk office. People ages 60 and up are eligible. Suggested donation to cover the cost per meal is $4-$7 but affordability is determined by each individual. Meals are served ~11:30am at the Nutrition Site at the Community Center. Home Delivered Meals are also available. This is a valuable community service – keeping the user – level up communicates the need and support from the community. That’s a good thing. Questions? lahbnp@frontiernet.net Thanks.

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