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Job Opening at Atwater Area Historical Society

Atwater Area Historical Society
104 3rd St North, Atwater
Job opportunity

Are you a self-starter who’s community-minded and ready to help Atwater’s Historical Society be of more service to the Atwater area and beyond?  Then consider applying for this position!

The AAHS is looking for a Part-Time Coordinator to work onsite 8 hours/week.  Pay is $10/hour.  Must have the ability to organize information and people, and recruit volunteers.  During work hours the Coordinator would oversee the operation of the museum (greet visitors, organize files & artifacts and work on new exhibits), develop and implement a membership plan, make regular communications via local newsletters and publicity, assist in organizing events and attend the monthly AAHS board meetings.  Minimum of 1 year college study required.

Questions?  Ask any current board member:  Carol Nelson, Brent Garberich, Sue Meyerson, Ella Meyerson, Shirley Walsh, Jo Holm, Jessica Halvorson or Larry Larson for more info!

To apply, send a resume to Ella Meyerson at  ellaelizabeth@hotmail.com

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