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Teachers Attend Workshop at Perpich Center

ACGC has received a grant to work with the Perpich Center for the Arts for the second time.  ACGC_team-640x360This new team working with the Perpich Center is made up of Samantha Nelson, Shane Hagstrom, Brad Nelson, Katy Snider, and Amy Ripperger.  On November 8th, the team attended a workshop learning about how to incorporate what the team has been working on so far, emphasizing on MOVEMENT (rather than dance because it is such a scary idea) in the classroom…
– Dance and movement to represent mixtures
– Cultural dances in World Geography and Cultures
– Dancing to the planets
– Kind of dances (circle, line, scattered, partner, etc.)
– Energy system representations through movement
– Brain dance
– Flash mobs
Perpich Arts Courses for Educators~Dance provides professional development in dance education for teams of teachers from Minnesota public schools. Teachers in the Perpich ACE Dance program practice using standards-based, student-centered dance lessons and tools in their classroom as well as learn strategies for integrating dance with other content areas. During each year of the program, the school teams attend four days of workshops at the Perpich Center, and receive eight to ten days of hands-on coaching and consulting services at the school sites by Instructors and Perpich staff.

 Six teams were selected through a competitive review process to participate in the 2013-2015 program.  The teams are:  Academia César Chávez of St. Paul, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City District, Evergreen Park World Cultures Community School of Brooklyn Center,  Moreland Arts & Health Science Magnet of West St. Paul, Southside Family Charter School of Minneapolis, and the Twin Cities German Immersion School of St. Paul

During the two-year program, it is anticipated that:

  • 28 teachers from six different school districts will attend multiple workshops at the Perpich Center;
  • Instructors and Perpich staff will help school teams identify, develop and implement local dance curriculum at local school and district levels;
  • Perpich Course for Educators: K-12 Dance Teams will contribute to the big picture of K-12 dance education in Minnesota by documenting and sharing exemplary lessons, tools and practices. As in past Perpich Course for Educators: K-12 Dance  programs, we will continue to uses educational technology such as wiki sites, video conferencing, digital documentation, and Google Apps, and will expand our use of Web 2.0 tools such as Moodle and VoiceThread to assist with documentation, communication and dissemination;
  • Over 1900 students will participate in multiple dance lessons jointly taught by their teachers and the Perpich Instructors.

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