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Tea Party in Wonderland

Alice posterA Tea Party with the Alice in Wonderland Cast

Kindergartners through sixth graders are invited to have a Tea Party with cast members of this year’s show “Alice in Wonderland”. This whimsical Tea Party is going to be held prior to the Saturday and Sunday performances. Attendees are encouraged to wear their best tea party inspired attire. Cast members will greet the Tea Party guests and lead them on a tour the set, introducing them to the Tea Party cast. The menu for this fine soiree is Strawberry open face sandwiches, red grapes and a special cookie. A sparkling raspberry beverage will also be enjoyed. At the end of the Tea Party, parents are going to be allowed in to this wonderland to take photos prior to curtain time.

“Alice in Wonderland” offers a magical world for young and old alike. This beloved story tells of a girl named Alice who falls down a rabbit hole into a fantasy world populated by peculiar creatures. ACGC’s theater has been transformed into the world of Wonderland of a gigantic tree with a rabbit hole and enormous books, set pieces move around the stage with the help of “playing card” soldiers while the audience meets the White Rabbit, a Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, Dormouse and the March Hare. There is the Queen of Hearts who wants everyone’s head removed, while the Knave of Heart steals and eats her tarts. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, the Gryphon and the Mock Turtle, along with Humpty Dumpty and the big blue caterpillar all offer Alice advice on how to get home again.

This is the first time in a number of years that ACGC High School Theater performed an all school play rather than a Musical Review. “Alice in Wonderland “offers 31 young students an opportunity to tread the boards, while Craig Dischinger’s Theater Tech class designed and built the magical set, with the help of the artistic talents of Art Teacher Jenna Tanttila. The show was directed by Connie Halvorson with the help of Val Carlson and costumed by a mistress of magic, Melissa Baggenstoss.

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