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Food For Kidz

FOOD FOR KIDZ, Wednesday, October 16

The 2013 packaging event in Atwater for Food for Kidz will be held from 4 to 8 p.m. at the Community Center.  The success of this project depends on a big turnout of volunteers.  Everyone is welcome!   Young people from Atwater and several neighboring communities’ 4-H clubs, church youth groups and school student councils have really helped make the first ten years of this event successful. 
Volunteers will be filling bags with nutritious meals that consist of fortified soy meal, rice, vitamins and minerals.  Eight to ten volunteers per table each complete a stage in measuring, mixing and bagging the ingredients then sealing the bags.  The local committee has set goals of filling enough bags of food for 60,000 meals and raising $7,500 cash.
The dollars raised are all used to cover the cost of the ingredients going into the bags.  Donations can be brought to the packaging site or placed in an envelope addressed to Food for Kidz, P.O. Box 179, Atwater, 56209.
The packaged meals, formulated by food scientists for maximum nutritional value, are sent to local food shelves and to areas with starving children throughout the world.  Come for even an hour if you can and enjoy participating in a rewarding experience. 

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