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Quilter Keeps Connections with Atwater

Since retiring in 2010, Carol Williams, a former Atwaterite, has beenQuilts focusing a little more intently on what used to be what she did for her own gifts welcoming babies as they entered the world.  She has also expanded by doing some things people have requested.  Carol is currently displaying her quilted pieces at Paws Floral in Atwater adding to this local business’s gift shop supplies.

The items that Carol has created include:

  • Quilts in nursery type prints — these are a cotton panel with quilt bat and flannel  backing,edged with blanket binding.  Some are tied, others are machine stitched.
  • Blankets — Fleece blankets with blanket binding around.
  • Quilts and blankets measure approx 36″ x 45″.
  • Burp cloths of double flannel and edged with a embroidery type machine stitch.
  • Taggies of double fleece and ribbon fringes, of varying styles.
  • Mini blankets of fleece, edged in satin ribbon binding, which have sizes that vary from approx. 14″ square to  varying rectangular.
  • Receiving blanket/burp cloth sets of flannel, blanket measures about 29-30″ square.

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