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Church Placed at Threshing Site

Write up provided by Carol Ringler

(Photo by Bob Krengel)

(Photo by Bob Krengel)

An idea for a village church took a huge step forward when the Ladies Auxiliary decided to donate the money they had made selling raffle tickets for the quilts they had made at the previous show.

The next-door neighbor to the Immanuel Lutheran Church of Rosendale noticed that the remainder of the furnishings in the church were getting ruined and wondered if we would be able to make use of them.  We looked at them and saw them as a great possibility.  First in order was to contact former members of the church to get their feelings and thoughts on the matter.  After some discussion, the members decided it would be a good idea to have the following become a part of our new church:  the altar, the altar mural, kneeling rail, pulpit, windows, lights, and finally the majestic steeple.

Plans were drawn up and the location decided upon.  Then construction began.  Whitcomb Bros and Jesse Trebil employees poured and leveled the cement that was donated by Duinincks.  The main structure was put up by Joe Fordyce and his crew who then put up walls and put on the steel roof.

The interior of the church is east Texas white pine crafted from wood brought back from Texas by Cliff Ulferts.  Grant Zeug, along with Thresher show volunteers are responsible for the finished ceiling, walls and trim of the interior.

Then it was time for the steeple. Ricky Whitcomb brought his crane and Joe Fordyce brought his tela-handler to remove the steeple from the old church and to prepare it for transport to the new site.  Several of the men went up on the steeple and sawed it off.  Then the crane was attached to it with straps and very gently lifted up and brought down. The steeple was laid on a trailer and moved to the show grounds where Joe Fordyce was ready to use his tela-handler to lift if off the trailer and set it upright. Volunteers removed damaged interior parts and made necessary repairs.  The bell tower got a coat of white paint and the steeple and cross were painted silver.  Finally, the steeple was ready to be put atop the new church.  On August 24th, Joe Fordyce came with his tela-handler again and the men attached four straps and very gently lifted the steeple up on the church.  It looked so bright and impressive up there!

We have come a long way since the subject of a church first came up but we still have a lot of work yet to be done to get it completed.  If it weren’t for all the volunteer help that we have gotten from everybody and all the businesses that have helped us along the way, we wouldn’t have gotten the church this far along.  The church will not be completely done by the time of the show this year but it is going to be very impressive.

(Photo by Bob Krengel)

(Photo by Bob Krengel)

Two photos as follows: (August 24, 2013)

  1. The new church with the steeple installed.
  2. Volunteers, members of the crew from left to right:Tex Ringler, Jenith Benson, Joe Fordyce, Dale Anderson, Carol Ringler, Dean Stenberg, Grant Zeug, Steve Bomstad, Cliff Ulferts, Ron Hennes

It should be noted that funds, labor and the use of heavy equipment for this project have been donated by the good folks of the Atwater community.  Come see what they have accomplished since their first meeting in June , 2013.

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