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Upcoming LAHBNP Hosted Events

The LAHBNP will be sponsoring a Qigong (pronounced Chee-gong) on Friday, August 30, 2013 at 2 PM at the Atwater Community Center.  Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice that can help take away stress, pain, and sickness from your body and leave you with more energy.  Qigong will bring your mind, body and heart energy together to achieve balance through active meditation and sitting meditations.  When the body’s energy is in balance, the body is able to maintain a healthy physical, mental and emotional state.  Qigong consists of easy, gently movements which can be done by anyone.  The leader will be Rhonda Battisto, Spring Forest Qigong Certified Instructor and Master Healer and Director of the Dayton’s Bluff Senior LAHBNP.  There is no charge for this event but please register for the event at 974-8737.

On Monday, September 16, the LAHBNP of Atwater will be holding their annual Community Wellness Walk starting at Centennial Park Pavilion.  Registration will begin at 5:30 pm and the walk will begin at 6pm.  A 1K, 2K, or 3K walk will be available for all level of walkers.  The suggested entry donation will be $5 per single walker or $10 per family walking.  A bottle of  water will be available for each walker attending.  Sponsorships are welcome and can be made by calling Jan Johnson at 974-8776.  For questions call Jan or Gerry Passmore at 974-8129.

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